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DATA Services

Integrate, Transform, and Improve – with 3EX GLOBAL Data Services
Data Quality is one of the major concerns for a successful demand generation strategy. The volume of B2B database keeps multiplying and the risk towards Probability of Data errors too increases keeping in mind on the people’s job and role change as well the fluctuating buying behavior in people in response to constant shifts in priorities based on trigger events.

We 3EX GLOBAL Solutions Data Solutions help in turning sales & marketing campaigns into an effective tool to generate leads refraining from being outdated with your prospects and customers’ information and not hindering organization’s ability to create the consistency and competence that buyers expect from their vendors.

Accelerate your Data base performance

CRM Systems & Data Cleansing always leads to multiple entries by multiple users as it is been constantly being updated by thousands of users across different departments. As result a large amount of CRM data becomes duplicate. In addition, as the key contacts change their old titles and jobs, the data remains subject to constant changes which accompany constant data entry errors. In return over a period of time, the CRM accumulates a huge number of duplicate contacts, wrong entries and dated data.

3EX GLOBAL Data Cleansing mechanism identifies the errors in the data in a swish, appends the unfilled information, removes the duplicate and creates an error free CRM within weeks. This helps marketers identify the true result of their marketing campaigns.

1. Correct details about your account including missing information like complete titles, company details, zip codes, direct phones, emails.
2. Append all account profile details like revenue, SIC codes, qualification profiles, competition details.
3. Standardize all CRM & Data formats to ensure consistency throughout the organization.
4. Telephone and web scraping techniques to update and verify all data is accurate and current.


3EX GLOBAL enhances its Client’s database by providing missing details like emails and all details through its ‘Data Append Service’, which helps companies to maximize the value of their offline in-house databases. 3EX GLOBAL Enrichment services are helpful for the companies that are sitting on kilos of contact records in different formats. A major chunk of the data gathered from offline and online forms are incomplete. Similarly, the self-service registration details at Sales and Marketing seminars are not completely filled. When such data is collected at a large scale, it becomes important to convert them to a format that can be used for further follow up and email marketing.

INTELLIGENCE at your fingertip

3EX GLOBAL Strategic Account Profiling & Sales Intelligence services give the organizations the complete information to gain an in-depth understanding on how a potential customer operates, how they are structured, who are the key decision makers, their decision making process, who they currently purchase from as well as their future plans. Equipped with the 3EX GLOBAL profiled Accounts, Helps IT Vendors in offering customized solutions to the prospects rather than being positioned as a generic product or service providers by providing Holistic Overview of their prospects. Additionally, 3EX GLOBAL Account profiling offers a comprehensive ‘Infrastructure Mapping’ to help technology vendors understand the current IT infrastructure of their potential customers.

Our team can spend required time per profile depending on the depth of the information a team requires. The profiles can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Our Strategic Account Profiling can range across the following areas:

1. Company Overview
2. Financial Overview
3. Mergers and Acquisitions
4. Organization Structure, IT Organization Structure with Decision Making Process
5. Growth Plan
6. Drivers and Initiatives
7. Technology Strategy
8. Infrastructure Mapping
9. Vendor/Competition Mapping

Find your target

A quintessential part for Business to Business sales process is to identify the right decision makers and the ones who influences.3EX GLOBAL helps organizations in creating a bespoke campaign-specific contact lists. 3EX GLOBAL Contact Discovery program enables organizations to unearth specific job titles with utmost precision. Our specialized and targeted contact discovery services work on ‘role-based’ discovery versus the conventional title based discovery. This ensures optimal connects with the right party contacts. We answer questions that are most essential for the success of your Sales Opportunity Creation campaigns:

1. Who are the buyers?
2. How many of them are there?
3. Where are they located?
4. How do they influence the decision making process?
5. What is their phone number?
6. How can I find their emails address?


White papers and e-books

3EX GLOBAL Content Distribution services work on the basic premise of ‘generating interest’. 3EX GLOBAL has been promoting content & assets (digital) for many leading marketing and technologies companies via its unique multi-channel methodology. Our services stops short of direct sales pitch or call to action, but seeks to positively influence your target audience in some way. We use multiple channels to get your information out to the right party contact We promote Various forms of digital content like whitepapers, ebooks, executive briefs, technical papers, newsletters, case studies and of course the second most popular engagement tool – webinars & webcasts. Our service provides guaranteed audience to your asset in blocks of 100 upto 2000 per asset. We target your sweet-spot, prospects, customers and of course your named accounts to get you in front of the, instantly. We can also augment your data with our data or even build a custom list for you.

1. Multi-channel strategy for all your promotions (Push & Pull)
2. Personalized content dissemination to ensure viewership and not only download
3. Pay for performance pricing model to ensure best ROI on your marketing spend
4. Guaranteed registrations for your webinar & podcasts
5. Assisted viewership

Webinars and webcasts

3EX GLOBAL pushes to get confirmed registrations for your marketing events by offering multi-channel event promotion services, focusing to have your role-based review your event details and register. Our target can be your target account, named accounts and also accounts based on a specific profile. 1. Multi-channel used to ‘push’ and ‘pull’ the invitation
2. All events get syndicated on our network of sites for better results
3. Telephone personalized and professional invitation
4. Performance based pricing. You only pay for confirmed registrants
5. Asset/details downloaded or sent via confirmed emails
6. Event reminder and on-boarding process to ensure better attends for you
7. Calendar invites to ensure top of mind recall of the event
8. On-demand model, so no lengthy preparations required to kick start

Our programs have fetched great cost and value benefit over other conventional event registration methods. Moreover, we guarantee registrations, so if you are looking for 100 registrants, we will be sure to give you those with confirmations – more predictable, lower costs and better prospect experience with multiple touch points.


"ncreased customer’s annual sales revenue by 430% year over year, enabling the company to be ranked as the 19th fastest growing company in Deloitte’s Fast 500, the only one in its vertical. "
Mary Sweden
Implemented and managed inside sales operations for customer, achieving an average 600% increase in productivity "